Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Happy Landing..

The kids flew by AI this morning. Since they were travelling as unaccompanied minors they were handed over to the AI official. They were cool. Luckily the flight was in time.
Normally one is allowed 40 to 50 Kg, but suddenly they declared 35 Kg and most were unaware. They had to remove things or pay for the extra. Since many were taking the amnesity offered for 3 months they had much to carry with them. Poor folks!

IL's will be collecting the kids and they are eagerly waiting to see the bunnies. 20 days without the supervision of their parents should be heaven for them.. but we are going to miss them.


  1. oh honey bee.. to GOC.. to their grand parents.. they r having Summer holidays.. 3 months until Sep...

    * GOC - God's own country..

    have u been there? i have been to ur place.. Cbtore

  2. Yeah its a nice place. BTW. I dont belong to CBE. i am from TRY ( trichy)


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