Thursday, June 7, 2007


Today I shall be doing what I like the most... shopping! (hope Hubby reads this after the shopping!)

Even if it is window shopping I dont mind. But I am matured shopper now. I always check if I can do without a particular item before buying it. Discovered that Carrefour is best as far as pricing is concerened, but we shall be visiting the rest of the malls too. It is vacation time and we have to buy something.


  1. Mrs. Kitten, I have famed you. I like your blog.

  2. Thank u!
    and i have famed u too..

  3. haaa. ... was expecting your reply not for this post but for the Happy Birthday post.. read it and temme what you have planned?

  4. I went on a bit of a shopping spree of my own today, and I'm not on vacation! :)

    Thanks for linking my blog on your blog. I do appreciate it.

  5. Anytime for you.. nd u have a lovely blog.. worth the link..


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