Monday, June 11, 2007

Hot Breads

Our phone number is similar to the local restaurant “Hot Breads” except for the last number and we often get calls from customers, but yesterday was hilarious!
Wish I could write this in my own language…
Caller: “Hello, is this Avarachan?”
Hubby: No
Caller : Is this Hot Breads
Hubby: No
Caller: Please keep 2 Chicken and Paratha ready
That is when I saw Hubby’s frustration turn to something else…
Hubby: How many Parathas?
Caller : 10
Hubby: should I sent it to you.
Caller : No, I am coming, please keep ready.

I was listening to this conversation the whole time and was bewildered wondering what he is planning to send! And that is when Hubby explained.. oh we laughed and laughed..

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