Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Power cuts

Heard in the news that like last year there will be power cuts even this year. It is not that I am new to power cuts. I have practically grown up with it. Back in my state, it could be for 1 or more hours and sometimes indefinitely! But then the temperatures over there don’t go above 35 degrees unlike here where it can even go to 60 degrees. I fail to understand why they don’t use the revenue from the oil for alternate energy like, Solar or wind. They have the money for the same and can easily employ experts in this field for these projects. In fact many governments have come forward but there are no takers. Oil is not going to last forever and whatever oil they are getting now can be sold outside. The solar energy will take care of the future generations.

Anyway we should board the plane before the power cuts!


  1. Habba!! So many posts. Gosh Why dont I get started!Any had a great time reading. ( Also the money making part! :))

  2. hmm alternate fuel, Alternate energy.. interestin.

    but u know very well its not that easy..

    NO ITS NOT COZ THE RESEARCH is gonna be that hard.. many places already have it. there r plenty of examples of townships n villages that r actively usin alternate energy.

    The primary reason its NOT goin to be that easy is .. coz.. well it is not in the interest of the oil companies (not yet anyway.. hopefully they will make sufficient advances on their own to market it themselves.. n then u will see the shift).

    n its not only the oil companies.. the same is extended to countries that have lots of money, but no other source of income, other than OIL.

    n since everyone focusses on the short term advantages first, a shift towards alternate energy WILL definitely eat into their steady stream of revenues.. n hence THEY are hesitant.

    n ofcourse.. the oil rich countries invest heavily in the economies of the west.. n those economies would suffer too (not to mention their automobile industry)

    the point is.. a shift in the strategy towards Alternate Energy would end up steppin on lots of toes.

    hence.. every yr or two.. some world leader will yap abt how he wants to see hydrogen powered cars on the roads or how much he supports bio gas.. but the ground reality is.. those arent that big a business yet to contribute to his election campaign fun.. hence lip service is more than enough.

    ofcourse with time.. when the big names start to look at it ( a lil more seriously) n find out a way of makin more money (or SOME MONEY - when the oil reserves are 10 yrs away from complete depletion).. u will see the shift.

    they have already Started efforts in that direction.. n who knows, they probably even have managed to make it commercially feasible too.. BUT WHY GIVE UP ON OIL YET WHEN THERE IS SOME MORE MONEY TO BE MADE OUT OF IT.

  3. Here I am not saying that they should shift from Oil.. in fact they will have more oil to sell outside and hence the Oil companies are not going to lose. Meanwhile they can use the alternate energy for their domestic purposes since they have the money unlike the developing nations.

    anyway thanks for the comments..

  4. Well u see, as it is.. it has been made evident that Alternate Energy IS betta than conventional forms of energy.

    now .. if Alternate Energy were to pe PUBLICLY pursued with seriousness, it would INEVITABLY mean a shift from oil.

    hence the comment :)


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