Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pornography and Child Predators

These numbers are startling:

•1 out of 3 children* are exposed to sexually explicit images online they did not want to view
(Previously 1 in 4 )
• 79%* of exposures occur at home
• 9%* occur at school
• *Not advising adults of exposures has also gotten worse
(*Youth Internet Safety Study-2)
• Average age of 1st exposure is 11 years old(Family Safe Media)
• Pornography is a tool frequently used by predators to lure and coax children--
• Pornography is now going "mobile"(cell phones, etc)
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What disturbed me most was..

Pornography-after first exposure:

• The desire and need to keep coming back for pornographic images.
• * Escalation - The need for more explicit, rougher, and more deviant images for the same sexual effect.
• * Desensitization - Materiel once viewed as shocking or taboo is seen as acceptable or commonplace.
• * Acting out - The tendency to perform the behaviors viewed, including exhibitionism, sadistic/masochistic sex, group sex, rape, or sex with minor children
(Dr. Victor Cline, clinical psychologist at the University


  1. A shocking reality. Gotta accept.

  2. nd to know that even a 3 month old is not spared is shocking!


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