Monday, June 11, 2007

Internet Startup Entrepreneur and Money Making Ideas

Jimmy Huen’s blog, Founders Cafe, is a blog about Internet Entrepreneur and Business as well as money making ideas. He is chronicling the entire process of his Internet Startup in real time, and is offering to link to your blog and an early registration spot for his revenue sharing program if you do a brief review of his blog post.

Below are the early adopters that are already on board:

Priority 1 - Internet Startup Entrepreneur and Money Making Ideas:

1.) Buzzing Bell -
2.) Rex Dixon, Technically Speaking -
3.) Get traffic and earn online at Andy Coates Dot Com
4.) Really Funny Jokes
5.) Wordpress, Adsense, SEO und Internet Marketing - in German
6.) Experiment in Entrpreneurship
7.) Blackyard Technologies
8.)Create your own blog
9.) Money Making Opportunities

Priority 2:

1.) Inner 88 -
2.) Nate Whitehill -

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  1. Thanks for the writeup. I got you added to the list. Please return often to check on my progress and also don't forget to subscribe to my full RSS Feed.

    THanks and welcome onboard.



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