Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Happy Birthday

To our dearest daughter..

A few years ago this day God gave a precious gift to us.
You came as an answer to our fervent prayers.
You were so beautiful but very serious.
You wanted to be as independent as you could be even when you were a little baby.

We hope the very best for you our daughter.
And although you have grown tall.. in our hearts you still remain the little baby that you were.

We may worry and fret over you.. bear with us.

May this world be kind to you as you are kind to others.
May this world be considerate to you as you are considerate to others.
May this world be a happy place to you as you try to make this place happier.
May you face the challenges that this world throws with courage and fortitude.
May you have more patience dear daughter.. the world will wait for you.

Above all.. may your faith in our Almighty grow leap by leap each year.


  1. Tat must be an old pic? She looks diff.....!!!

    Anyways, a very happy birthday wishes n many many kisses from uncle Jonyboy and family.

  2. this was last year.. on our trip to India.

    I shall shower all those kisses.. dont worry..

  3. Wish her the best on my behalf. Luv,Bee.

  4. thank u all for the wishes..

    honeybee.. when is urs?

  5. am a piscean.. you have just missed my bday say by 3 months and 3 days.
    (5th March). Anyway I accept belated wishes with loads and loads of gifts...:)

  6. Happy belated b'day!
    My bro is a Piscean too..

    as for gifts.. I guess u will have to shower me first since mine is on Feb 11th.. hiii...

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