Saturday, June 16, 2007

UN Declares Mahatma Gandhi’s Birth Anniversary As “International Non-Violence Day”

UN Declares Mahatma Gandhi’s Birth Anniversary As “International Non-Violence Day”

The resolution to respect the apostle of humanity and peace, has been moved in the UN General Assembly by India and co-sponsored by 120 of total 191 members. The resolution expected to be passed on Friday, reaffirms the universal relevance of non-violence, the gospel taught by Gandhi through out his life and followed by many leaders world over to win the heart of the enemy.

The resolution stresses the need for non-violence, tolerance, full respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms for all, democracy, development, mutual understanding and respect for diversity as reinforcements for peace and growth of mankind.

Yes.. I am very happy to know that Mahatma Gandhi’s birth will now be celebrated worldwide. In school we used to have a week long of Social Productive Activities and every individual used to take part in the cleaning of the premises and the local areas. It was great to note that Mahatma could make a person do this task even it was only once in a year.

These days Mahatma has become a very controversial figure specially for Indians. Maybe they feel they have the right to talk about him since he is an Indian. There has been many discussions every where and one finds varying opinions. Here is one such write up from an American in Mumbai and please take time to read the comments too. I will never understand the person who abused him and I hereby offer my condolences to that lost soul.

In the present troubled world Ahimsa or non-violence is very relevant. The world has tried everything else. If you see the war in Iraq or Afganisthan, nothing has been achieved so far by violence. We have just killed more and more and those whom we have not killed physically, we have succeeded in killing their spirits. In Emirates “Gandhi” is shown often in the local TV and there are many here who respect him immensely.

I think the time has come to take this great person more seriously and understand him better. Else Indians will lose him forever, in the same way we are going to lose "Taj Mahal" from the list of "Wonders of the World".

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