Tuesday, June 19, 2007


People may call me silly, but I have this habit to pray for total strangers. It mostly happens on my morning ride to the office. I might see a stranger on the wheels and silently pray for whatever troubles he may be facing. That is when I came to know that I am not alone in this exercise while reading the inspirational speaker Bob Perks. I wrote to him on this and he replied that he does this himself and felt very happy doing it. Yea for me too, it gives a special happiness when you know that you have prayed for an unknown person.

Sadhu Sundar Singh writes about prayer thus:

Just as the salt water of the sea is drawn upwards by the hot rays of the sun, and gradually takes on the form of clouds, and, turned thus into sweet and refreshing water, falls in showers on the earth (for the sea water as it rises upwards leaves behind it its salt and bitterness), so when the thoughts and desires of the man of prayer rise aloft like misty emanations of the soul, the rays of the Sun of Righteousness purify them of all sinful taint, and his prayers become a great cloud which descends from heaven in a shower of blessing, bringing refreshment to many on the earth.


  1. Yes mother's prayer is the most powerful one. I really felt happy to know that you pray for strangers. We people rarely do that. And now I request to add me to your strangers' list. bye...

  2. Sree... may the Almighty keep u safe and sound and may He give u all that ur heart desires


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