Friday, June 29, 2007

From GOC

Enjoying our holidays.. without rain......yes.. after waiting eagerly the rain has not paid a visit yet..

So we r just finising a bit of shopping without rain.....


  1. Back to blogs after some time...
    was busy with something... :)
    Glad to know that you r njoying there...

  2. Wish u Happy holidays...
    Here in B'lore, there is no issue with the rain (very rare). Climate is pleasant and cool...

  3. Good to hear tat you are njoying ur holidays, Happy Kitten.

    Sorry to hear tat u cudn't do the rain- dance, in the rains....wink. But dont worry....I'm sure there wud be a few dark clouds, left, to drench you, from top to toe.....jus hang on.

    Btw...hows the Big Boy? Must be drowning in Aqua

  4. Well, why not post some photos?

  5. Hi..
    The rain is back with a bang.. but only at night....

    as for Aquavita.... oh King of good times too..

    as for photos.. i shall soon post them..

    b'lore trip is not yet finalised.. waiting for a cousin to join us from Kuwait and then...

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