Monday, August 20, 2007

Parampara Mixes

I have been thinking of mentioning this in my Blog from the day I started blogging!

Parampara mixes are great and I have tried most of their "Ready to Cook" mixes. Good for bachelors and busy housewives (me of course!)

Butter Chicken
Chhole Gravy
Chicken Biryani
Chicken Gravy
Chicken Hyderabadi
Chicken Kolhapuri
Chicken Sukha
Egg Gravy
Moghlai Chicken Gravy
Mutton Gravy
Nawabi Chicken
Pav Bhaji
Tandoor Chicken

I have listed only those that I have tried and I vouch for their authenticity and quality.

There is not much hazzles, just clean the chicken (for chicken recipes), add the mix and cook it!

Can we have an easier method?

And to the world we still cooked our meal!

You can try them for parties and never tell a soul!

This vacation I took a few mixes home and found that it is available everywhere.


  1. Wow. food... Slurrrrpppp.. My mouth is already watered. but for those also i must have a gas cylinder. which i don't have. :(

    Food is one of my biggest weakness and you wrote about it. now you have to cook for me!! :D

  2. Thanx to you....even we bought a few of those from CC and as yet, hav no complaints. Cudn't find them at Carrefour and must hav missed them in Lulu. So when it comes to Parampara Mix....its all the way to City Center.....pronto.

  3. U must be a lazy one not to have bought even a stove.. anyway u r most welcome.. please pass by and I shall cook for u... nd using Parampara if u dont mind!

    Jboy.. next time bring those from GOC.. they are more in GOC...


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