Saturday, May 12, 2007

Along the Memory lanes..Coonoor

The FM is playing George Micheal’s song and it transports me to Coonoor and for a minute…. The sun is shining and I am on my bed with my favourite Reader's Digest. The window is open and the sun is streaming in. The rose flower under the window is slowly changing its color, I remember the pink color when I opened the window but now it would be yellow! We are going out to the town and I look forward to the shopping and the Chinese lunch afterwards. The town is always busy with a variety of faces, mostly honey-mooners. The botanical garden is also full. My sister's daughter is with us and she is naughty sometimes.

How I miss those beautiful places and those times. In fact every time I left the place after my holidays, in the car, I used to take a good look at the place and in my mind say good bye wondering whether I will ever see the place again. Even when I was young when the beauty of the hill station where I used to live overwhelm me, I used to think that God would put me in a desert for the rest of my life and it has come true. I had no other choice though I never wanted to come to this desert. But life is like that!

How I miss the cats and dogs that we used to have in our home. They are truly man’s best friend. A human friend may never offer ny consolation but animals do. Just take a look at the brown and loving eyes of your dog! How faithful he is. For him you are his everything and your happiness means to him a lot. He is not selfish but very magnanimus. Can a human friend be such. I wonder. And cats... they have a perosnality of their own...

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