Thursday, May 17, 2007

UN Compensation

People are now worried. Some banks have asked them to return certain amount which was paid in excess.
It never felt right in my mind when the compensation was paid. I am a hypocrite since even we would have taken it if it was offered. Yes it was okay if one takes it if they did lose something. But we know many whose claims were bogus. They lived a life of a bachelor without a car and had the nerve to claim for 2 cars! For many others it was a blessing since they could have never saved that amount in their life time.

I have always thought this was blood money, especially since the Iraqis are still suffering. And it was not because of their fault that Kuwait was invaded. Everyone knew Saddam was a dictator, hence only he should take the blame. When the rest of the region is enjoying the wealth the oil is bringing the poor Iraquis can only pray that they dont die with in the next bombing.

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  1. Grt... Tvla is my birth place...
    It's my Moms place.

    NB: I don't have any comments about the current post. I prefer not to comment on serious topics, if I'm not aware of the exact details... :)


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