Sunday, May 6, 2007

Make the internet safe for children

The other day I was shocked to find a few obscene words(not deadly) typed onto the search column of Google... was it my kids aged 10 & 11?

They were given internet access recently and were playing online games. On checking with them, came to know that certain links were on the games page itself and when curiosity got the better of them they went on to search!

I thanked God that I stumbled upon this earlier enough to block the internet for safe usage and to give my kids a heart to heart talk on the danger of internet. I pray that they have understood the seriousness of the matter. I really do not want them to waste their time on unwanted sites and spoil their mental health. This is the time when they should study and aquire knowledge.

There are many sites giving free Web blockers for the caring parents...


  1. Thats the curse of having Internet.. I also like your views on feminism..

  2. you did the right thing ,I mean password protected.I would like to suggest you one more thing.Enable\disable net
    Like when you want net -enable the connection(if you can make that also password protect, then it is good) other times disable it.
    I did it for my cousin sister and its pretty fine so far and simple


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