Monday, May 28, 2007

Rumbling of another war??

We are now hearing the rumblings of another war in the Middle East. This takes me back to those days of the Iraq war. We used to burn midnight oil while watching, CNN, BBC, Sky news etc to see if America was really going to strike. But then the signs were all there. The never ending convoys of military equipments and men. We were advised to seal our flats and keep coals etc. to absorb the chemical gas. None of them ever told if these would ever keep us alive. The kids were younger at that time and never understood the seriousness. But when the first siren blew we all panicked. We were all at home and didn’t know what to do. We kept running for buckets of water etc. but then settled down to our fate. And then the sirens became frequent. Most of them didn’t know the difference. On the first siren one ought to get inside and be prepared until the danger passes and wait for the second siren. But most of them could be seen doing otherwise.
The ministry let the women work for 1 hour and then be with the kids and although I am working in a private firm, my boss was great enough to give me the same privilege. It was sad to see the kids, specially our son scurrying like mice upon hearing the siren. Finally we couldn’t take it anymore and send them away to their grand parents. It was the first time they were going to be away from us. While at the airport we heard one more siren but that was the last one too. After April 2nd we did not hear them again. But we let the kids stay away for almost 3 months until they forgot the tensions.
Compared to the Iraqis, we didn’t face anything. We did not see death although we heard a few missiles falling nearby. They have lost much in the war and are still losing. Their dignity, their wealth and everything. Does the same fate await the Iranians? If you take a look at Tehran it is a beautiful place. The affluent parts of Northern Tehran boast luxury apartment buildings
and condominiums featuring such amenities as "White Glove" doorman service
with pools, jaccuzzis and private garages in the flat !!!!
(You drive the car into the elevator and it will deliver your car up to your own private garage next to your flat)
It's amazing how clean Tehran's park ways are! Not one piece of paper or trash is tolerated here. The project of keeping the highways and certain areas of Tehran sparkling clean is an around-the-clock task. Many Tehranis have also developed a zealousy of keeping their city clean. A friend of mine told me of an incident where a lady admonished him for throwing a match in the street. When he told the lady that it was just a match a piece of wood - she replied by saying "My dear, can you imagine what Tehran would look like if each of its 15 million inhabitants would think like you?"
Will this beautiful place also be marred?

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