Tuesday, May 15, 2007

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Last day, we celebrated Ethnic day in our company.
We were supposed to come in traditional wear... That means being a Mallu, I was supposed to wear a Mundu (Dhothi). Normally I wear Jeans with shirts or T-shirts. This was the first time I was going to wear Dhothi to office. Unlike other mallus, I'm not used to this piece of clothing... From my childhood, I preferred something more reliable and safe than a simple piece of cloth wrapped around the body without the help of any buckles, buttons or hooks!!! I'm not telling that I don't like Mundu. I love the prestigious looks which a "kasavu mundu" (A cream colored dhothi with a one or two inch Border made with Golden thread) and a matching shirt can provide. The only thing that I hate is the insecurity that you will feel due to the Simple method of wrap-around-and-tuck-it-in technology fixing it on your waist. It's too simple that a wrong move can cause a wardrobe malfunction and give you a sudden popularity boost Like Janet Jackson, carol Gracious, Britney Spears etc. After writing this, I noticed that only Females get a boost due to wardrobe malfunctions. I remember one incident which happened few years back. A famous actor came to our town for the inauguration of a Famous Textiles showroom...


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  1. Thx for linking me on your website. I didn't see it at first (When I put the comment on your final post)..
    I am going to add a link for your blog to my webpage. You can see it under the "Blogs which I read" section of my blog... :)Keep posting...


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