Tuesday, May 29, 2007

To execute or not to execute..

I am sure this topic is will be a highly debated one.

I am not so sure myself though. But I am sure if faced with the same situation myself, I would kill the person myself or have him executed immediately. Rape is a terrible crime be it on a minor or an adult. We have heard about the rape of 3 months old to even a corpse! It is said that the person himself would have been abused during his growing up years. I truly believe that the community in which he was born into should also take the blame along with those who brought him up. But by execution aren’t we taking the easy way out? And every executed criminal shows that the community or society has failed. But setting a rapist out into the community is dangerous. He should serve his sentence in a jail or in a similar place where he will not come across potential victims. I am not sure if a rapist can have a change in personality.

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