Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Does God need an introduction.. no..
Does God need any stamp of approval.. no
Does God need to be proved.. in my opinion.. no..

Then why am I writing this?

One of my blog friend has prompted me to write.

Do I believe in God.. oh YES…

I have experienced His love, care, warnings.. everything…

I cannot put down everything in writing.. but…some things never leave your mind.. specially when there was no one else to help u.

Both involved our kids…

My son decided to be a breach baby at the last moment.. during the last sonar.. this gave me warning bells and I asked the duty nurse if there would be any problem.. she tried to explain in her own way and that is when the Chief Gnec happened to pass by.. don’t know what prompted him to check.. but he asked the nurse what I was blabbering.. I took this opportunity to ask him if there is any problem.. he said there is no problem for the mother.. but a breach baby is always at risk.. I knew this for a fact since my cousin sister lost her baby thus.. during the last moments of delivery the umbilical code went around the baby’s neck and even though it was a reputed hospital with exp doctors none could save the life of the baby. After 2 girls one couldnt blame if she was waiting eagerly for a boy.. nd it was a baby boy.
Anyway after hearing me, this Doc said.. don’t worry I shall be there. I was returned to the delivery room and after some time this doctor did come. If anyone know how the govt hospitals are in the Gulf they know what I am talking about. There is no special doctor or nurse to take care of u..during the delivery a nurse will be in attendance and only in case of emergency will a doctor be summoned. And if the emergency happens to be at night.. u r doomed.
Anyway this doctor was quite old and experienced.. he just rubbed my tummy and turned our little brat around! He said now u go ahead and deliver. To me this was the answer to the prayers of my parents and Hubby’ since they couldn’t be at our side.

The second incident was the adenoid operation of our daughter. She was having a slight fever but since the date was fixed with great difficulty and our contact (a doctor) said it is difficult to get another.. he asked us to give her antibiotics.. but maybe because of the infection she started bleeding profusely after the operation.. she was whisked off immediately back to the operation table and they fixed a few gauze etc in her mouth and the end of it was attached to her cheek. I was with her all the time.. then suddenly I realized that she had chewed the thread holding the gauze.. I immediately ran to the nurse’s room and they had the nerve to tell me that there was no such packing. I was shocked and started crying.. only then they realized that it was serious. Unfortunately it was the time the doctors change duty but only by God’s grace they were able to catch a doctor. They put her on the nurse’s table itself and using forceps manage to pull the gauze out before it choked her! Now this was a miracle to me!
Oh.. there r many more incidents but it is too personal for the blog to handle!

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  1. It is the moments like this which makes us remember that there is someone who is called as God. Most of us (including me) forgets about him, when everything is going on right...


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