Monday, May 14, 2007

X & Y Chromosome

The other day we ended up having a heated discussion on a forum. One forum member had commented on a newspaper report: how a husband killed his wife since she failed to produce a male child. I made the mistake of commenting that a man is responsible in determining the gender. I realized my mistake when the male members became so touchy and nervous! What I actually meant to write was that the woman has no role to play while it is from the man that the gender is decided. Of course even he cannot decide either, unless technology progress in such a way that the particular chromosome is isolated to produce the required gender.
I guess God was smart when he made it thus but I am sure he never thought that a man / woman would be so cruel as to kill a baby in its womb itself.
I am talking about the disturbing number of female foetus being killed in India. Soon in some states the gender ratio will be so bad that every girl would need to be protected by a black cat. Eve teasing would increase (there r less girls to ogle at!).. and maybe like the Arab culture boys will finally have to pay for a bride!

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