Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Iraq War

Living in the Middle East, once cant be blamed if one forms an opinion about the Iraq war. Read the latest news..

WASHINGTON - Rallying support for the war, President Bush' is pointing to U.S. intelligence asserting that Osama bin Laden ordered a top lieutenant in early 2005 to form a terrorist unit to hit targets outside Iraq, and that the United States should be first in his sights..

Is Bush talking about the same “intelligence” that asserted Iraq had WMD and that Saddam is closely associated with Osama? Yesterday he was talking about Iran’s work inside Iraq to force the American soldiers out. Is Bush having daily visions? I never could understand him in the first place and in turn the Americans as a whole when this whole Fiasco called Iraq war started. While growing up, I was told that America was the land of dreams and my entire knowledge of the Americans came in the small but lovely book The Readers Digest. My parents have subscribed for this book since its introduction to our country and I have always loved to read it. It showed the best of American culture. And then I came to Middle East and became a part of the growing resentment against the Americans. When they should have been called saviors they are being called occupiers and murderers. I blame the Americans for having turned a blind eye to the opinion of the rest of world. September 11 made the world sympathise with the Americans but what followed after was totally insane! How can I believe that Pres Bush after weeks of fasting and prayers suddenly had a vision to bring democracy to Iraq? There are other countries craving for democracy but why Iraq? Sadly the number of Iraqis killed has far surpassed the number killed by Saddam? Soon there will be no male Iraqis left in the country if this situation continues.

But who am I to talk about this?

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  1. He's a stupid.
    As Richard Gere told, "He's deaf. America has never got any president who's so isolated from others view".


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