Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sister Abhaya

Sister Abhaya has become synonymous with injustice. This young lady is still creating terror in hearts of those who erred. She was murdered in Year 1992 and even after many attempts by CBI (India’s Central Bureau of Investigation) the case remains unsolved. But now there is renewed hope for her parents and for the whole state itself with the disturbing find that her original chemical examination report was tampered with. The local police and CBI were pressured during their investigations and all the evidence were destroyed except for this report. It is frightening to realize that power enough to shut the mouths of an entire state exists. The clergy did nothing to help the case and hence the fingers clearly points to them. As per Abhaya’s father, the same day he requested the Senior sister to bring in a sniffer dog and to take finger prints, but this was brushed away. And later the photos and other evidence were destroyed. Although the CBI came to the conclusion that it was a murder they opted not to investigate further, which is even more extra ordinary. Mr. Thomas who headed the CBI was forced to resign even when he had 7 years of service left since his conscious did not permit him to continue.
Will the murderers be brought to justice?


  1. clergy is definitely involved in this...even if CBI get some breakthrough findings i doubt they will be able to do anything ...

  2. Thanks for passing by..

    care to introduce urself?

    and after all the drum beats it is dying again and with only a Jomon Puthepurackal to uphold justice!

    How sad! and woe to all those who are behind this sad episode.


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