Tuesday, May 15, 2007


This is not for those atheists....

I lost my gold bangle and it is been a week. This morning I thought about it again and hoped if someone in dire needs got it let them keep it. That was when I was walking down the steps of the flat after locking the flat, my watch dangling on my fingers.. nd as soon as I sat down on the car beside my hubby it fell down by the side of the seat. I searched for it and found something else too there! yes .. my bangle.. felt soooooooooo happy! and of course thanked God.. I am sure if I hadnt discovered it it would have been lost forever in the next car servicing day!

So I was the person in dire needs!


  1. I am an atheist. But i do go to temple. i sometimes remember those mantras which my mom/teachers made me remember when i was a kid. I do thank god when i get some happiness. But i belove i am an atheist. The reason being when i see so much violence in the name of religion i think its better to be atheist than to belive in god.

    i am happy for you that you got back the bangle.

  2. Well.. if u do go to a Temple u cannot be an Atheist.. somewhere in ur mind there is God's love lurking I am sure! Maybe it could be your mother's prayer.

    The day u know God .. do let me know!

  3. will love to tell you if i find god. cos i still belive i am atheist. and as far as going to temple its like this. sometimes i find myself standing in a temple every week. and sometimes its more than a year i goto a temple.


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