Sunday, May 27, 2007


The other day while trying to nod off to sleep, hubby asked the kids to list the negative traits of their parents. A dangerous excercise and the kids hesistated and we assured them that we will not react. They started with the Father and his obsession with cleanliness and neatness. Then comes me and our son came up with this classic observation. If the TV is on, then it is as though Amma's bottoms are glued on to the seat! Wow! Now am I really a couch potatoe? I doubt since I dont get that kind of free time with cooking, washing, iorning etc etc. still what he says is true, if I am watching the TV screen, I hate being disturbed. And our son loves interrupting by asking a variety of questions.

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  1. Hahahahaa....a very nice game, but I dare play tat at home, else I will in-undated with endless lists of negatives, from the royal ladies.

    Btw....tat was cute. Amma's bottom is glued to the couch.....hahahaha. Real cute


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