Monday, May 21, 2007

Kittens and Cats

I have always loved kittens and we had plenty of them while growing up.. and not all of them stayed with us to grow up into cats.. but we had them in many colors, full white, yellow, black and white etc. etc.

My sister used to have her own.. and she was very possessive of it. A very proud male cat and he used to love lying on my Father while he reclined on his easy chair.
Their ability to reproduce was tremendous. The female will start looking for “Delivery room” well in advance and would even spend some time to see the comfort and security. Since we used to have dogs too she had to be careful. Normally she will end up in our cupboards among our clothes! But more than one has changed the place at the last moment and felt safe to deliver next to my mom’s legs on her bed at night! My mother used to be very tolerant of them and hence will not disturb them until she is ready to shift her little one, even though she made the bed messy. And then we siblings will wait for the mother to go for her food to take a peek at the little ones, with their eyes closed. Normally it takes a week for their eyes to open and they say the mother will move them around seven times (locations) before their eyes are opened. Soon they will venture out in the open and that is when my mom will start shooing the away.

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