Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Today early in the morning the sky darkened and it started raining heavily for a short while. But it was enough to transport me home.. specially since we should be seeing the monsoon this year. I don’t think there is anything else so beautiful!
During one of our visits when the kids were small there was a flood. Our house is just a few feet away from the river with just a road to separate. When the rain starts one can see the water slowly changing its color. And when the rains have been heavier up in the mountains the water will become muddier. And then it will slowly creep up. Normally it stays just below the road but that year the rain was heavy and they had to open up a few dams. The water was all around the house and in our portico we could see fishes and small snakes. We were lucky that the bigger reptiles dint visit us, though this did happen to others. As for Hubby’s cousins as usual even this year they had to shift all their things to the second floor since the first floor was totally flooded! But for us visitors (from Gulf) it was fun time. The only hassle is that one cant venture outside but even this has its good side.. ur pockets r not drained!

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