Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Long Live Achumammen!

I love this man! But when he came into I power I was disappointed since his hands seemed tied. But now he is a hero and in extreme action. Whoever thought one could touch such Hi-Fi people! I do feel sad for those people who did invest in those structures and I am sure most of them could be from the Gulf. Their hard earned money has now vanished. It is an eye opener for potential investors. It is good to check everything thoroughly before investing your hard earned money.

Some of those groups had the audacity to even stop streams by creating check dams! This means there were others who were denied their only source of water. I hope this continues else even this beautiful Hill Station called Munnar will be destroyed like Ooty and Kodaikanal. These places are so over crowded now and this has spoilt the natural beauty of the place. My first visit to Kodai was when I was in school.. I still remember the Koker's walk, the suicide point etc etc.. then the next visit was during our honey moon.. by then the place had changed.. more hotels nd concrete buildings... yet I would still love to visit the place again!


  1. ACHUMAMMEN!!!!!!!!!

    So u r also a malayalee!!!

    Naattil evida???
    Just a Guess: Somewhere near Moovattupuzha. Am I right?

  2. Abru! took u so long to guess?? but not frm that place.... but frm Tvla.. fainted?


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