Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I have voted only once in my life time and I am sure I dint vote for the Communist. My family and those whom I have known for years are all not communists. But my perspective on many aspects on life changed once I moved away from home and its related support systems. I began to relate with communism. I saw life through an entirely different window and through the eyes of those not very fortunate in their life. I myself was tossed around and without the natural comfort of home and your own country one tends to ask questions. I do not see communism the way I saw it during my college days. Those days there were students drawn towards communism and I could never understand their fervor. Their ideas seemed mad and suicidal to me, but not anymore. During my last visit, we met with our Uncle and Aunty and had a heated debate on the same subject. They just couldn’t understand what me and hubby were trying to say. Of course.. I am not saying that Communism is perfect but right now they are far better than the


  1. being a communist or not being one is a totally depends upon the life one lives. i do feel that i am democrates at times and sometimes libral or sometimes just a communist.

    the view depends solely on the sotuation i am in. like when i am in cash cruch i a communist. share for whatever i do.

    when i have loads of cash than i dont let my frens spent. there are loads of situation we love one type of society and times when we love a diffrent society.

    I wuld just say that the only thing constant in this world is CHANGE and the change can be our prespective or the the life we live. just enjoy it and let the worries be taken care by others.

  2. Politics is not my piece of pie...
    I prefer to vote according to the person... (Did only once... :))

  3. Hey guys... that is because u both r still young...

    let me wait for a few more years and see...

  4. Hi, this is again Sree. Thanks for ur cordial reply. I got my first voting right just three years back. It was really a strange experience to found myself in the polling booth for the first time (ofcourse it would be my last visit). Communism always fascinates me. Why I feel because If India had gone for communism, Casteism would have lost its ground in India(to large extent).Casteism is also one of the biggest threats for for future India.Recent Gujjar's violence is one example. Communism became successful at the cost of uncounted innocent deaths. Still executions under Stalin(Mao is not less) have no records.This what i have understood during my graduation(political science). Every sytem has both positive and negative things. I have decided never to vote again. hope you got some thing from my comment.Or am I beating about the bush. bye.......Sree

  5. Hey Sree... Dint see ur cooment until today...

    Please dont stop from voting.. i m sure there r some good guys out there irrespective of the political parties to which they belong to..

    but I have always wondered we dont have one more choice for voting (or is it there?) .. if u dont like any of the candidates, u may cast put your choice thus so that one is not forced to vote for a candidate.. this will also show the real votes that a candidate rcvd. but are our candidates courageous enough to do this?

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  7. thank u Juan....

    It is great to hear from a Cuban...

    But I cant read ur blog since i dont know ur language.. i guess I am missing a lot..

    would love to know what a Cuban think abt their country and communism...


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