Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I know, today is not a Teacher’s day! But I have to write this down!

Our son was sick and missed his classes – well my children have been missing classes all these years but I was shocked, surprised.. but glad, happy and touched when his Teacher called up to enquire. In my entire career of Motherhood this is the first time I have received such a call. Maybe because there was going to be a Vocab test but my kids have missed them even before. She gave me the portions and even said it is okay even if he misses it. I was so touched that actual tears came into my eyes. It is great to know that such teachers still exist in our universe.. May God bless Suzzane and may her tribe increase.

I still remember the teachers who have influenzed me. My English teacher – Gita Miss , Maths teacher Mr. Arun – his Maths class was very interesting.. because he used to narrate the stories of the English movies that he saw. It went like a serial- after each day’s lessons he picks up the story from the last day. And how we loved his classes and yes we loved Maths too! Then there were many others.
Teaching is a very noble profession but one should take it up only if one is interested in it. I have been a teacher too. And it was the most fulfilling days of my life.

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